Holiday house and holiday apartment Birkenstein
Birkensteinstr. 99
83730 Fischbachau


The holiday house and apartment are located in the Upper Bavarian village of Fischbachau (district Birkenstein). You will find the house in an idyllic location at the end of a dead-end road, right at the outset of a forest. The house is situated at an altitude of an est. 1000 meters, but easy to reach year round – regardless of season.


The house is best reached by car. A train connection between Munich and Fischbachau exists by Bavarian Upland Train (BOB), which runs every hour. Travel time is approx. 60 minutes. However, the train station „Fischbachau-Hammer“ is an est. 10 minute drive from the holiday house. You can book a taxi/cab from the train station to the house (Taxi Leitner +49 8026 920246 or Taxi Oberland +49 8025 6637).


Innsbruck (Austria), approx. 125 km, 1,5 hours drive.
Munich (München), approx. 70 km, 1 hour drive.
Munich, Allianz-Arena (soccer stadium) , 74 km, 75 minutes drive.
Munich Airport, Franz-Josef-Strauß, approx. 100 km, 80 minutes drive.
Munich, Fairground, 70 km, 1 hour drive.
Prien am Chiemsee, 50 km, 45 minutes drive (then ferry to the castle).
Salzburg (Austria), approx. 100 km, 70 minutes drive.
Neuschwanstein Castle, 120 km, 2 hours drive.
Ski Area Sudelfeld, Waldkopf-Parking, 18 km, 20 minutes drive.
(Ski Area) Spitzingsee, 11 km, 20 minutes drive.
(Ski- and hiking area) Wendelsteinbahn (cable car), 9 km, 10 minutes drive.
Lake Schliersee, 12 km, 15 minutes drive.